Girls Power

All the great things happen whilst I’m away!

For the last few months we’ve been planning to rent a second house to provide a home for young girls who have been orphaned or at risk of sexual exploitation. Until now, our work in Moshi Town has been (unfairly) restricted to boys because of the lack of segregated sleeping arrangements. But news from Tanzania is that the landlord of the neighbouring house is willing to offer the adjacent property from June 2019.

Whilst it’s a little earlier than we anticipated, we’ve got to grab it, as it’s the perfect location to efficiently manage both facilities. The new property has it’s own entrance and a gate that links both houses. This means we won’t have to double up on resources like employing a second security guard and cook or building additional facilities.

Assuming all goes to plan – and renovation work is complete by September, the first young girls will be ready to start in October 2019. That means that by January 2020, we will house 24 secondary students in Moshi Town, alongside our wider programme of activities for nearly 500 young people.

It also means that we will have a little more farm space, and I’m hoping we can get our very own goats – providing fresh milk every morning.

I can’t wait to get back to Tanzania in a couple of weeks. They’re having all the fun without me.

Mohammed S Mamdani