Case Studies

Christian William

(Form II – Secondary School)

Christian is a 16-year-old orphan from Kilosa village, Morogoro Region. He was orphaned by the age of 5 when his mother died of malaria and his father from typhoid. Initially he was taken in by an uncle where he was mistreated and occasionally denied food. After his maternal aunt agreed to house him, he started primary school at the age of 7, paying for his education by working during the evenings selling fruits to passers-by. After completing his education he managed to enrol in secondary education, but was forced to drop out after the first year as he was unable to keep up with both his studies and working.

Christian joined Kijana Kwanza in February 2019 to continue his education. He is a bright boy and continues to impress teachers with his dedication and commitment to his studies. He enjoys playing football and is always smiling.

Ally Rajabu

QT Student

Ally is 22 years old and from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Due to financial pressures facing his family, he was forced to drop out of secondary school in his first year. Since then he has been supporting his family with farming and selling produce at market. Life is very tough for his family – their home has no electricity and access to water is limited. Ally has been desperate to restart his education. In March 2019, he joined Kijana Kwanza as our first QT student. Ally is a mature individual who is highly committed to his education. He takes supplementary classes in English and is responsible for preparing meals for all staff, volunteers and students at Kijana Kwanza.

Kisra Machanja

(Vocational Diploma in Computer Science)

Kisra is 23 years old and comes from Kibaha, Pwani Region, Tanzania. After his parents divorced 10 years ago, he was forced to leave home, just before starting secondary school. Throughout secondary school he lived with a friend, who was a teacher and helped him to complete Form IV. Thereafter, he took refuge in a missionary centre that paid for his subsistence. He then applied to join a vocational programme, achieving Certificate Level in ICT. With no further options available, Kijana Kwanza agreed to sponsor his education, in order to complete a full Diploma in Computer Science. He now lives in Arusha and studies at the JR Institute of Technology. In his first year he achieved excellent results, surpassing his peers who were in a better financial position. He hopes to complete his studies at JR Institute and progress to university to study programming.