Secondary School

Whilst most Tanzanian children complete primary school, 40% of young people do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school. Although secondary school is nominally free, the additional costs of uniform, educational resources, school meals and transport can present a major obstacle for poor families. Many families also struggle with subsistence costs and prefer that their children find work or take part in agriculture as a contribution to the household income.

We give young people the opportunity to attend secondary school. From the outset, we ensure that young people do not face any direct financial barriers to succeed in their education. Most of our students are orphans or previous street children, with challenging needs. Our programme reflects these needs – some are much older than their peers and have been out of education for a few years, whilst others may have been forced to drop out because their guardians were unable to afford their education.

All secondary school students reside on our premises, so that we can maximise the positive impact on their lives.

Sponsorship of a secondary school student costs £65/month. Students receive:

  • Uniform and PE kit
  • All educational resources including books and writing materials
  • Additional classes in English and ICT
  • Weekly tests to monitor student progress
  • Transportation from their home town/village
  • Boarding and meals (including a balanced, nutritious diet)
  • Medical insurance (for the duration of their studies)
  • Hygiene products
  • Pastoral care

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