Great News

If the successful completion of our Desk Appeal, that raised over £12,000, was not enough of a celebration, we have more news to share.

With the generous support of one of our international donors, Kijana Kwanza has purchased a half acre plot in Rau District, just outside Moshi Town. The site comprises 3 houses (2 are just skeleton structures awaiting full renovation) and a pocket farm, with some amazing fruit trees. You can literally walk around the site plucking low-hanging fruit from the trees!

The new premises will provide capacity for 28 beds (14 boys and 14 girls), increasing our current bed capacity from 24 to 52, if you include our rented properties in town. Not only does this allow us to expand our child sponsorship programme, but it also provides a long term asset that can provide security for the organisation.

We are so grateful to our anonymous donor for accepting our proposal to purchase the site. Now, we are ready to move faster and further in our ambition to empower a new generation of young Tanzanians to become engaged, confident and economically independent citizens of the world.

And that’s not just a strapline. Each of those qualities are essential values of Kijana Kwanza.

There is of course a lot to do – including renovating the site and raising additional capital to install energy efficiency measures like solar panels and rain water collection systems.

But that’s a challenge for tomorrow. Today, we just want to smile.