Desk Appeal

At Reginald Mengi Secondary School in Moshi, Tanzania, there are simply not enough desks and chairs for all the students. 

It is not uncommon for children and young people to share a single chair, lean against the wall to take notes or stand at the back of the classroom. Some students sit on buckets which they bring from home. 

You can read more about the tragic situation facing the school on Mohammed S Mamdani’s blog here.

We want to put this right, once and for all. Across February 2020, we’re appealing for urgent funds to buy 200 new desks and chairs for our local school. Each desk and chair costs £50/$65.

Please support us by donating towards the appeal, following our updates on social media and sharing with your family and friends.

How to Donate

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Preferred Donation Method
Paying via credit/debit card or PayPal incurs a cost of 4.5%, which is charged to us. To avoid these charges, please consider making a bank transfer to:

Account Name: Kijana Kwanza
Bank Name: Barclays Plc
Sort Code: 20-92-63
Account Number: 03806030
Reference: Desk Appeal

UK Donors – PLEASE Read On…

Remember, if you are a UK tax payer your donation is eligible for Gift Aid, which means that we receive an additional 25% at no cost to you! If you donate £50, we will actually receive £62.50! However, if you are donating by bank transfer, you will need to complete a Gift Aid Declation manually, which you can download here.

It take just 2 minutes. Fill in the Word file, type your name in the Signature Box and email it to