Khadija Fund

Kijana Kwanza (Young People First) aims to empower a generation of children and young people in Tanzania through education, vocational training and life skills development. Currently we support over 200 children and young people each year, of whom 28 of the most vulnerable, including orphans and victims of abuse, reside at our shelter.  

The Khadija Fund for Vocational Skills is a new programme that launches in January 2021 to empower young girls of school-leaving age with the confidence, knowledge and professional skills to excel and become economically independent.

In Tanzania, only 4.5% of girls will participate in education or training after secondary school. As a result, they dominate in unskilled professions such as subsistence farming and domestic work. The median monthly income of women is Tsh. 86,000 (£29/$37) compared to men who earn Tsh. 150,000 (£50/$65).

The Khadija Fund for Vocational Skills will sponsor the vocational training of 12 girls each year, in a variety of disciplines including information technology, business administration and healthcare. We will also issue small interest-free loans for girls and women to pilot and expand their own microbusinesses.

To launch the programme, we require £20,000/$26,000 to enrol the first students at college, provide for their maintenance including accommodation, meals and living expenses and deliver a weekly schedule of self-development workshops and seminar for participants during evenings and weekends.

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