Solar Light Appeal

Imagine a home with no electricity and no lights?

Hundreds of families in Moshi Town and its surrounding villages live in small, overcrowded homes with no electricity or water supply.

Without any light after sunset, school children are unable to study or do their homework. And without an education, they are destined to a life of poverty.

In the coming months, we plan to install a solar light system (comprising of 3 bulbs, a battery pack with a mobile phone charging port and a solar panel) in 250 homes.

It is a cheap, clean and efficient solution to one of the biggest obstacles to children’s education and their only way out of poverty.

A solar light system costs just £30/$40. Can you help us reach our target?

We are very pleased to partner with the Beta Charitable Trust in delivering this project. For every solar light system sponsored by our donors, the Beta Charitable Trust will donate ANOTHER solar light system. It is just like a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer at the supermarket, except that you get to help 2 families for the same cost as helping 1 family.  

How to Donate

Quick Donation Link
To make a quick donation by credit/debit card or PayPal click here.

Preferred Donation Method
Paying via credit/debit card or PayPal incurs a cost of up to 2.5%, which is charged to us. To avoid these charges, please consider making a bank transfer to:

Account Name: Kijana Kwanza (Young People First)
Bank Name: Barclays Plc
Sort Code: 20-92-63
Account Number: 03806030
Reference: Solar Light

UK Donors – PLEASE Read On…

Remember, if you are a UK taxpayer your donation is eligible for Gift Aid, which means that we receive an additional 25% at no cost to you! If you donate £30, we will actually receive £37.50!  

However, if you are donating by bank transfer, you will need to complete a Gift Aid Declaration separately by clicking here. It only takes 30 seconds! (If you’ve already completed it once, you don’t need to do it again).  

Fundraise for Us

If you can’t donate, help us by fundraising towards our Solar Light Appeal.

There are so many things you can do, but one of our favourites is the “No-Lights Challenge”. All you have to do is spend 7 days without using ANY lights in your own home. To take the challenge, setup a fundraising page here and share with your friends and family who can support your challenge by donating towards the Solar Light Appeal.

Donation Policy: any additional donations received above our fundraising target will be used on similar subsistence projects in Moshi, Tanzania.