Student Sponsorship

Our main passion is to ensure that all children and young people – regardless of their academic standard – have the opportunity to attend school and gain the skills they need to become economically independent in the future.

We achieve this through our sponsorship programme that focuses on secondary school students (aged 14-18 years) and vocational students (18-35 years).

We do not normally sponsor primary school students because most children in Tanzania normally manage to complete the first stage of their education and many international NGOs focus on this area of work. However, when it comes to secondary school there is a 40% drop-out rate. Secondary school in Tanzania is nominally free of charge, but the additional costs of uniform, educational resources, school meals and transport can present a major obstacle for poor or low-income families. Beyond secondary school, access to vocational training is even more challenging, because all colleges charge significant fees.

Our sponsorship programmes start from £25/$35 per month for children in secondary school that live with at least one parent, rising for those children who are fostered or young people that are living at our shelter or our hostel.

We have recently expanded our on-site capacity from 24 to 52 children and young people (28 secondary students and 24 vocational students) and over 100 secondary children living in the community. Yet we can only run at full capacity, if we can find sufficient donors and sponsors to meet the cost of supporting an increasing number of children and young people appealing for assistance.

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